Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux

1827 Valenciennes – Courbevoie 1875

  • Portrait of the sculptor Joseph Osbach

  • Oil on canvas, 1874

  • Size

    29.5 x 20 cm

  • Provenance

    Private collection, France

The portraits of Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux are always powerful works. Here, Carpeaux portrayed the French sculptor, Joseph Osbach. This young man was most probably a student of Carpeaux. The 4th August 1874, the painter mentioned in his journal working on a portrait of Osbach. However, there is a second portrait of the sculptor by the artiste. Still in private collection, this other portrait is a very sensual depiction of the young man as he presents a nude shoulder. The two paintings offer a rich vision of Carpeaux’s unique talent to represent complexes personalities.

Laure de Margerie confirmed the authenticity of the work, as well as the identity of the model.

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